The internet is a receptacle for longing, offering every object and no object at all. Rendering everything searchable, it simultaneously fulfills and perpetuates our desires. To investigate the mechanisms—on and offline—that fuel, direct, and satisfy our longings, I compose assemblies of video, objects, technology and language—disparate configurations that shift and intersect, like open browser windows co-existing on a bright screen. 


Within my work I draw on metaphors of water, clouds, and the desert as tangible experiences to relate newer human experiences of the internet and connected technologies. Translating these meditative symbols through networked mediums lends nuance and complication to familiar digital platforms. The physical and natural within my work become methods of seeing, touching, and understanding the often abstracted experiences of language and the digital. Alternating the physical, particular and blunt with the digital, symbolic, and poetic gives shape to the essence of my experiences both inside and outside the infinity of the internet.