Within my practice I examine digital technology and language as intangible structures that mediate our interactions with others, the world, and ourselves. I present physical manifestations of language and the digital through an interdisciplinary practice that includes installations, digital media, and sculpture. The physical within my work becomes a method of seeing, touching, and understanding the often abstracted experiences of language and the digital—the immaterial made concrete through acts of attention. My work is a way for me to investigate questions concerning the digital in a personal way, allowing me to ‘know’ these topics in a way that is not cerebral, but rather bodily, emotional, and experiential. 


Using text as a fluid material, I rearrange and alter found language into new contexts and meanings.  I am interested in offering viewers junctures of information: research, poetry, and prose, coupled with image, object, and device. The digital quickly becomes a vehicle to hold, carry and disseminate language, while language gives content and form to the digital. In this way the two forms of communication begin to simultaneously prop one another up. Each piece offers a slightly different array of points--constellations to hold language, metaphor and technology.