A Selection of Pauses, laser printed, hand-cut cotton paper, 2014.


A pause acts as a respite, suspension or intermission, creating space for exchange and connection.  Built into the natural structure of our lives, pauses negotiate our communications, creating physical and metaphorical space for connection and understanding.

A Selection of Pauses focuses on seeking out commonplace spaces that act as a visual pause--places that ask to be considered.  I photograph these spaces and digitally translate the outline of the space, which is then hand cut from paper and presented as a void. By adding the physical coordinates where these spaces can be found, I further the mystery as well as invite the viewer to find these spaces or pauses. Much like geocaching, the physical locations can be found with the gps coordinates and a bit of exploring, allowing viewers to find the spaces that gave me pause and compare them with their own experiences of their surroundings.



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