Over the last month or so Brett and I have spent a lot of time intentionally going to places that are special to us in Springfield and making extra time to spend with our friends and family here.  In preparing to be gone for a couple years, we've been forced to reflect on the people and places that have made our time here so unforgettable.  Despite the bittersweet feelings of saying our first goodbyes to people and places that have been so meaningful, it's possibly been one of the best months we've had in Springfield.  In taking time to honor and remember all the important events that have happened in our lives here and the people who have surrounded us through those events, Brett and I have been much more deliberate with where and how our time is spent than we usually are.  Last night as Brett and I spent time talking, eating ice cream, mushroom hunting, and catching lightning bugs at one of the parks where we fell in love, I wondered why we don't live this way all of the time.  Why does it take a coming change in life to appreciate and make time for the things that add value to our lives?