Sentimental Value

     Getting ready to move has been forcing me to evaluate each and every belonging I possess.  It's a strange process deciding what is necessary and what can, and perhaps should, be done without.  In sorting I have come upon a strange (large) pile of objects that is not necessary, but sentimental.  These are the items I have avoided going through because in sorting them I must decide what experiences in my life are so important that I wish to continue holding on to the special little knick-knack that visually holds the memory for me.  The pile cannot be taken care of quickly because each and every object demands a reliving of the memory it holds.  After going through the pile last week, I came to the last object, placing it in the "keep" pile only to realize that the space where the "throw away" pile should be on the floor beside me was empty.  I hadn't found a single item I was willing to part with.

 Giving up sentimental objects has always been a difficult task for me.  It's not that I worry that the memory will be forgotten if the sentimental object is thrown out.  My worry is simply that the memory will never again be called to mind if the object is discarded.  In saving the pile I feel comforted knowing that eventually a new time in my life will come when I will be forced to forge back into the pile to revisit my memories and make new decisions about what is valuable.  I know I won't go through the pile again until this time.  I never do.  Will I save everything again next time?  Perhaps going through the pile is itself an important journey as you remember the experiences that have brought you to this place and carry those things (both physically and internally) with you onto new places.